Isabella - The Forest

“Perhaps Oliver is cooler than we thought...” I muttered glancing towards Jamie and Oliver walking towards the bonfire with beer in their hands. Kiana smiled and scrutinized the approaching pair.

“Oliver's not comfortable around Jamie,” she noted,

“How do you know?” I asked almost laughing. Kiana smiled again,

“I can see it in his eyes...”

“Get out!” I pushed her gently in the arm, she pushed me back. “Since when did you become the expert at reading people's faces?”

“Since I began watching people,”

“Creep...” I muttered which landed me a punch on the arm, my wine spilt onto my lap. “Kiana!” I cried, she bit her lip,

“Sorry, guess you shouldn't have worn white shorts!” I glared at her and she held back a smile.

“Hey, me and a few guys were going to go for a walk in the forest, you game?” Jamie asked poking his head between us.

“Who are the 'few guys'?” Kiana asked,


“Sounds like a rave,” I muttered sarcastically. Jamie narrowed his eyes at me,

“I'm sure Ed will come too,” he tried to entice us. As if by magic Edward appeared, he had three beer cans in his hand and for some reason was topless showing off his six-pack. He put his arm around Jamie and Oliver, Oliver shifted uncomfortably. I immediately pitied him, he really didn't fit in with this crowd. I stood up, wiped the remains of the wine off my crotch and smiled. “For the record this is wine,” I said pointing at my ruined shorts, “And sure why not? Let's go for a stroll!” Kiana groaned as I took her arm and pulled her to her feet.

We headed towards the gap in the trees, Oliver led the way with a torch with the rest of us following behind. Edward leant towards Jamie, “Oliver Troubull? Really? He's cramping our style!”

“What style?” Jamie laughed quietly, “And besides, he was lonely – I was being nice!” I smiled to myself as we entered the woods, the darkness encroached us. The only light came from Oliver's torch and I hurried to catch up with him, minding my steps on the hidden tree roots and stumps which lay as obstacles on the floor. The other three fell behind leaving me and Oliver alone to talk.

“So how'd you find the chemistry exam?” I asked him,

“I messed up on the mol equations and put an answer as calcium carbonate instead of calcium phosphate but you was a fair paper.”

“Yeah, I got 2 mols and everyone else got 0.4, don't know how I got it wrong!”

“I got 2 as well!” I sensed a smile in Oliver's voice. “Watch out,” he said shining his light on a fallen tree, he climbed on top of it and took my hand helping me over, it was weirdly sweet. We rounded a corner and Oliver slowed, he shone the torch into my face and said, “Let's wait for the others.”

“Sure,” I smiled, he kept shining the light at me. “You mind not blinding me?” I asked shading my eyes.

“Oh. Sorry!” he muttered lowering the torch. We stood in an awkward silence waiting for the others, a few moments later they arrived.

“Thanks you two for running off...there was no torch to shine on that stupid fallen tree and yeah, you guessed it, I stacked it!”

“It was hilarious!” Edward laughed, Jamie held back a smile. Kiana had ripped her tank top and had mud on her arms and knees. She did not look impressed as Oliver shone the light at her, “You okay?” he checked, she nodded and wiped some dirt from her arms.

“Where now?” Edward asked, Oliver turned and shone the light down a bracken-covered path. There was a large black mass to the side of the path and Oliver shone the light towards it.

“What is that?” I asked.

“It's a cave Bell,” Kiana said sarcastically.

“No it's not,” Oliver said, becoming more confident, “It's a mine shaft.” Oliver's light hit something moving, a body heading towards the gaping black hole. Before I had time to freak out, Jamie called out, “Come back man!” I realised it was Edward, he was moving faster than Oliver's torch could follow.

“It''s not safe!” Oliver called. But Edward had already disappeared into the blackness, “Oh God, we've got to go after him, he could fall into the mine!” Oliver ran forward and the rest of us followed.  

The End

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