I pulled up at the edge of the field and grinned. Almost half of the year were there putting up tents and starting up fires already - and people were still turning up. I must admit, I was surprised. I didn't think so many people would have been up for it but I was glad they was. This was going to be one hell of a trip. 

"Hey J!" Edward shouted, jumping on my bonnet. "You're late man." 

"Got caught up, got the alcohol?" I asked, grabbing my bag as I got out of my car. He smiled at me and we began to walk to the centre of the camp. 

"Of course!" He said. "I'm going to make some money out of it as well, while I'm at it. It'd be rude not to."  I laughed. 

"Why not! This is going to be great, I can tell. Anyone of interest here?" 

"Fair few hot girls. Oliver Troubull turned up, which is a surprise. Kiana and Isabella just arrived as well." He pointed over to them and I dropped my bags in his hand. Ignoring him, I walked over. They were murdering their tent so I had the perfect excuse. 

“Ladies, please,” I said, smirking “Your knight in shining armour is here to help."

“We're fine,” Kiana snapped. I raised an eyebrow. They didn't look it; poles were sticking out at all angles.

“Suit yourself,” I said, raising my palms. Hey, I wasn't going to beg to help. 

"Smooth" Edward laughed as I walked back over him. I waved him off and grabbed my bag. 

"Haven't you got a stall to be running? I'll be over soon for some freebies." 

"Pound a can Jamie. I can't be showing any special treatment." He said winking, then he walked off in the direction of his car. 

I put my tent up next to an empty small tent. I was half-hoping it belonged to some girl who would be looking for company later on but as I finished Oliver walked over with some water. 

"Hey" I said, nodding. He smiled and raised a hand but then climbed into his tent.

Finally, music began to blare out from somewhere. Now the party really could get started. I rattled Oliver's entrance before I set off and he climbed out.

"I'm going to go get a drink over by the bonfire, want to come?" I asked. I felt sorry for him, I couldn't leave him alone. 

"Erm... sure." He decided after a second. 

"So,  end of the year... crazy." I said as we began walking through the maze of tents. He nodded. 

"I heard it's a nice walk in the forest over there." I told him, in a second attempt to make conversation. "Bet it'd be spooky at night though right?"

He glanced over. "I brought some torches." I grinned, surprised.

"That does it then. We'll see who want's to go on a midnight stroll." We pulled up to the bonfire. I could smell food burning, and I swear someone had been sick already. 

"Look there's Edward. Let's go steal a free drink." 

The End

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