Isabella - Camping Trip!

 “Finally, I thought this day would never come!” I enthused as I shoved my pyjamas into a rucksack and zipped it up, Kiana watched amused as I tried to force a pair of flip flops in too. Our exams were over and a long summer before university lay out before us, to celebrate the end of exams we were heading off on a whole-year camping trip. “I can't believe you've never slept outside!” I told her as I succeeded in zipping up the bag fully, her eyes flashed to my face and she grinned,

“There's a first time for everything!” I threw the bag onto my shoulder and lifted up the two-man tent, Kiana grabbed her bag and the portable stove. We dumped our belongings in the car, Kiana's blonde hair fell over her face and she had to push it out of her eyes before she closed the boot.

“So how many other school kids are going to be there?” she asked as we got into the car. I started the engine and reversed out the drive before replying.

“I'm not sure, it's an open invitation, I'm pretty sure the whole school year were planning on going,”

“Even Oliver Troubull?” She asked incredulously. Oliver Troubull was the quiet, introverted type. I'd gotten to know him during chemistry last year, he'd been my lab partner – he was a nice guy, if not a little hard to talk to. There was no way he'd do something with the whole school year, he was the kind of guy who'd rather stay at home and work on maths equations.

“Okay maybe not people like Oliver, but the vast majority.” I amended.

As we pulled into the field Kiana giggled to herself, “Looks like the whole year is here...” she said nodding towards Oliver who was sat outside a one-man tent putting on some walking boots. I stopped the car in a free space and we stepped out, after greeting a few friends Kiana and I got to work erecting the tent.

“No this pole goes through this thing!” Kiana held the pole in one hand and the tent porch in the other,

“You're not even meant to put the porch up first!” I told her,

“Well how do you know?! You left the instructions at home!” she retorted.

“Ladies, please,” Jamie walked across from his tent to ours, “Your knight in shining armour is here to help,” he smiled kindly.

“We're fine,” Kiana told him sternly,

“Suit yourself,” he surrendered his palms and took a step back. I shot an evil glare at Kiana as Jamie turned his back on us, she shrugged and began to feed the pole through the hole. “We're fine, honestly,” she grinned as the tent suddenly popped into shape.

Once everyone had arrived the chaos began; Edward had brought a whole car full of alcohol and was charging people £1 for each can. Kiana and I wandered over and peered at his selection,

“What can I get you?” he asked me, I sighed and tapped my lips,

“Got anything other than larger?” I enquired,

“For the ladies...” he opened the back door, “vino?”

“Sounds good,” Kiana smiled and handed him £1, Edward held out his hand again,

“I'm running a business here,” he folded his arms. I tossed him a fiver and Kiana grabbed the wine before we made our way across to the large bonfire in the centre of the field.

“This is going to be fun,” she smiled opening the bottle and relaxing into a chair and I had a feeling she was right.

The End

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