Tyler: Encounter with the undeadMature

I left Tara alone to her sleep and began wandering the corridors of the hospital, trying to find a coffee machine. The bite on her arm was now bandaged and a nurse had told us she would be fine, the man who had bitten her was probably an escaped mental patient. Her arm would be checked for illnesses though, just in case the bite was contagious. I frowned angrily; what kind of a man bites people? 

A sudden image crossed my mind of a film Tara and I had watched ages ago. A film about zombies rampaging through the streets of London, terrorizing everyone, biting people. I shook it off with a laugh. There were no such things as zombies.

'Nrghh...' someone moaned behind me. I turned round, but I was faced with another empty corridor. I began to quicken my pace, feeling a little uneasy. 

I rounded a dark corner and faltered. The corridor in front of me stretched on endlessly and every single light was out. It looked like an incessant tunnel of pure black, completely daunting and intimidating. 

'Nrghh!' the moan came louder and this time when I turned round I was face with a man stumbling towards me, arms outstretched, mouth snapping open and closed. That wasn't what troubled me the most though, it was his appearance. His skin was a sickening shade of gray, dead eyes stared at me with obvious hunger. Scratches and cuts covered the man's bald head and a flap of skin hung off his chin. He dragged one leg behind him, as though it was broken. He was still dressed in the familiar hospital gown that Tara was now wearing.

My stomach churned, a roll of nausea sweeping over me as I was frozen in pure fear. His steps were slow, almost shuffles, but I still couldn't move. I could only watch him coming closer. Closer. My muscles refused to work. I was like a rabbit, caught in the death stare of it's vicious prey.

He was inches away from me now, his moans became more animated and a lot louder. 


This simple word broke me free of the hold this thing had over me and I sprinted down the dark corridor, the only path I could take. It was basic instinct to run away from the creature, but now I was faced with endless darkness and the intense fear that there were more of the creatures.

I couldn't see a damn thing.


Without thinking, I brought my fist round and slammed it into whatever the hell was behind me. 

A short, sharp CRACK.

Something hit the floor.

I didn't bother seeing if it was dead or not as I sprinted back the way I had come. I had to get to Tara. 

The word 'zombie' flashed through my mind once more and I didn't find myself skeptical of it this time. I found myself confirming it. 


The End

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