Honoka: Helping Hand....or FistMature

I was sitting in my brother's room when all of a sudden I heard a woman scream. Like I said before, what's with all the screaming? Anyways since I'm curious I check it out.

"I'll be back Minami, ok?" I tell his unconcious body.

I walk out the very plain white door and into the hallway. Everything is plain in this hospital, like maybe they could paint it a different colour like orange or pink or some other colour than white. It's blinding. Anyways, I hear moaning from around the corner and it was another one of those things (or zombies if you want to call them that) but he was heading towards a boy around the same age as me. He looked behind him in horror and he started backing up but he knew there was another one of those zombies behind him so he stopped. I was in fear. I knew I had to do something.

"Help me! Anyone!" He screams out. Both of the zombies run out to him. I had to thing fast. I run towards him with nothing but my fists. I grab one of the zombies by the neck and twist it, breaking it. It fell to the ground twitching. The other one was already on top of him, just a few inches away from his neck, snapping his jaws. I didn't hesitate and run towards him and toss the zombie off into the wall. The way it landed, it broke it's leg. The zombie got up walking on it's broken leg with the bone sticking out, spilling blood all over the place. It realized that it couldn't walk then started crawling, extremely fast towards us.

"You!" I scream to the boy. "Get back!". He listens and starts backing away fast.

It crawled towards me with incredible speed and grabbed my leg. It tripped me and got on top off me and I again throw it towards the wall. I quickly get up from off the ground and the zombie again started crawling towards me. I had to think fast or I won't be so lucky this time. It reaches out for my leg but I jump out of the way and stomp on it's head. The pool of blood that drained from it's head was incredible. It was for sure dead.

"Are you ok?" The boy asks. I reply, "Why wouldn't I be? B-but th-thank you for a-asking." Crap not again. "I g-gotta go." He grabs my hand and asks, "Can I go with you?" I didn't speak but I nod. I didn't want to be alone. Maybe soon the power would go out? I hope it won't.

We walk away from the, now stained with blood, hallway into a very bland hallway, with our shoes making prints out of blood. Well I guess that colour was a good start? I giggle.

The End

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