Shaun : First ImpressionsMature

Okay, first off, my name is Shaun with a U, not Shawn with a W. Just breaking the ice.

So, you're probably not going to believe this, but here goes.

It started out as an ordinary day, if your definition of ordinary was to go entertain sick people at your local hospital. There was some community service thing my class had to do, so it was either this or spend time at the old folks home, which was basically the same thing except with more incontinence.

Anyway, we were just about done for the day. I was walking along the corridors, minding my own business, when I hear a yell from somewhere behind me.

Perfect intro for a horror story, right? Moving on.

I turned around.

Okay, this is where it gets interesting.

It was a zombie! Yeah, I know, totally unexpected, right? It was a girl, maybe about my age, dressed in a hospital gown. She had thin, gangly limbs and messy hair.  Of course, it was no surprise her hair was messy. She'd been digging her face into a man's side, ripping off bits of meat with every bite and chewing slowly.

The guy she was eating was an old man with a suit, who looked rather average other than the fact that he was lying on the floor with massive chunks of flesh missing from his side and right shoulder and holes in his clothes. The two of them were maybe ten paces away from me. The man was completely still, and I guessed he was dead already.

Disgusting, I know. I couldn't stop looking, though. Not that it was fascinating in any way, it's just this wasn't the kind of thing you saw regularly.

A woman standing next to me screamed, turning around and running in the opposite direction. The girl looked up, alerted by the sound. Bits of flesh hung from her mouth. She got up slowly. I noticed her gown had bloodstains all over it. She moaned and stumbled towards me.

I backed away slowly, gaping at this zombie-girl as she slowly shuffled my way, probably intent on having my liver with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.

She was maybe five paces away from me when I heard another moan directly behind me.

The End

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