Iza: HorrifiedMature

Iza pushed the nurse button and an orderly came in.


"I would like to get out of bed."

The woman nodded and returned a few minutes later with a wheelchair.

Iza had had a bit more energy after telling the doctors to stop her chemotherapy, but even that was waning. After shooing the lady away she began to roam the halls. She was bored and moved aimlessly around the hallways, looking for something of interest and resting constantly. Finally, she came to a door she had never seen before. She tried to open it, but it was locked. There was a glass panel on the side, so she peered in.

She saw three doctors, one female and two males. She was about to leave when she realized that one of them was Mr. Robinson. He was lying on the table, apparently unconscious. The other doctors were talking, pouring over some papers spread out on a table. So only Iza noticed when the man got up and sank his teeth into the female doctor's neck. Well, they noticed then. The other doctor ran to the other side of the room, grabbed the emergency hatchet and swung it right into Dr. Robinson's head.

Iza gasp as her former physician crumpled to the ground. Then, the man turned his attention to his companion, who was bleeding profusely.  He took the axe and swung it into her neck. Then he grabbed his cellphone. Iza was appalled. She was about to call for help when suddenly Dr. Robinson staggered to his feet, and began to walk toward the man. The man turned but it was too late. The zombie -there was no other explanation Iza could think of- bit his arm. The doctor began to scream. So did she.

The End

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