Honoka: StartledMature

"Minami! Please. Your slipping away. Stay together. You'll make it out!" I cried.

My little brother (well technically were twins but I was born first) was dying. We have no idea how he's dying so soon. He was supposed to live for another year or 2. Though I did hear about a virus going around. I hope it's nothing too serious. I gave my brother a kiss on the forehead and walk out.

I hear a scream and run towards it. I saw a man getting pulled out of a room all deranged like he was crazy. He had blood dripping from his mouth! I hope he wasn't a cannibal! Or worse. A zombie! but those weren't real. Honoka, you gotta stop watching those zombie movies. I shake my head and walk in the room. I saw a girl sleeping. She must've past out. I heard someone yell, "Hey! Get back here!".

I turn around and I see the man; running towards me! He tosses his body towards me but I quickly step out of the way. However he was quick too and grabbed me. I scream but knew I shouldn't panic. I got a grip on his neck and throw him. I got up and quickly back away. He was about to run at me again but the security was all over him already. I dust my shirt and my skirt and walk towards the elevator when I hear another scream! What is it with screaming these days? I giggle but I run towards where I heard it. I walk through the door and see a guy comforting his girlfriend while she was crying. I think everything was already taken care of here. I was curious and walk up to the guy. I ask, " Is anything wrong?"

"Well, let's see. This guy comes in and attacks my girlfriend and what's even more deranged was that he bit her!" He replies.

"Okay. Let me get this straight, the man bit her?" I was astonished.

"Look for yourself." He points to his girlfriends arm. I kneel down to her and ask if I could see her arm. She shakes her head. She must've still been in shock.

"Well, I can see that there was some sort of injury with the blood and everything but are you sure that he bit her?" I questioned.

"So now I'm making shit about that up? Take a look at her fucking arm and look closely at the fucking teeth marks!" He was enraged.

"Okay, look buddy. I didn't mean to make you mad or anything, I just find it hard to believe that he bit her but now I see the marks so you don't need to fucking swear!" I giggle just a bit at that.

"Sorry. It's just...that's my girlfriend and I was worried about her. Sorry to get all pissy at you." He apologizes.

"It's okay. But...my name is H-honoka." Oh great! my shyness is coming out. Why? why at a time like this? "I-i gotta g-go" I leave the room.

I run out and back into my brothers room. I sit down in a seat and started thinking. So maybe my thoughts were right? They might just be zombies. But it's too early to start assuming. I need to see one actually bite someone. I sigh.

The End

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