The Unbreakable.

                                In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful.
They say our religion teaches violence, that it teaches to kill the disbelievers, that it is cruel and inhumane. Why is it then we die defending others? Why is it then we let our children die so that others may live? Why do we extinguish our hopes so that others may have light? 
The innocent of Peshawar were not attacked yesterday because they were going to school. It was not their education the Talibans were after.  Those children were murdered because they were the children of army officials that conducted out operation Zarb-e-Azab to wipe out terrorists. This was an attempt to stifle the spirit of humanity we were executing. To scare us into submitting to their bloodthirsty ways. To hush us into letting them tell the world false stories of our values. To make us submit to the unsubmittable. 
I can not say I feel their pain. I don't think we ever can. The magnitude of their loss is beyond the limits of the imagination of those not affected by this situation whose awfulness cannot adequately be put into words, though there is not one who hears of this but he is singed by this unchecked suffering. I can only grieve for their immense grief. I can only cry tears of anguish at the blame of atrocities put against those who go through then. Do assume that we are not humans, or that we are not hurt whether it is in Peshawar or Sydney that the guiltless are punished for uncommitted crimes?!
It should be obvious that they are trying to present as broken the unbreakable-the spirit of goodness, that which knits us together in the fabric of humanity. 

May you have peace-Rameesha

The End

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