On the run

I pressed my body close to the horse's neck, willing him to move faster. We were now in a vast expanse of field, and if someone were to recognize me... I listening to my breathing. It was shallow and uneven. Come on, Musette. No one will recognize you in this servant's garb.

I relaxed a bit as soon as soon as we entered the forest. I closed my eyes and listened to the rhythmatic clomp, clomp, clomp of the pony's hooves, desperately trying to calm my nerves.

Somewhere in the process I must have fallen asleep, for I woke up, stiff as a board, just as the gleaming city of Tbilisi came into view. I looked around in awe, the seemingly endless possibilities filling my mind.

I rode past a fancy restaurant with sign reading Help Wanted sitting in the window. I tied my horse and wandered inside.

"May I help you?" a woman in an apron came to meet me. She looked worn out, and I made a mental note to invite her to the palace before remembering that I was never to back there again.

"Yes, I am here in response to your sign in the window?" my voice went high at the end, as if I was asking a question.

"Oh, thank goodness. We have been looking for a scullery maid for months. Are you new in town?"

"You could say that," I replied, a smile creeping up my lips.

The End

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