I skip along to Musette's room. 

"Musette, you have to come now" no answer. "Musette! Father says you have to come now! Mr Orange is here!" still no answer "That is it Musette! I'm coming in!" I shove the door open.The room is empty. Oh no! If I don't find her, father will think I'm a naughty girl! "Musette?" I look under the bed, she isn't there. Same result for the wardrobe. Then I see a note. I put my basket of flowers down and pick it up. It says that Musette has gone so that she wont have to marry Mr Orange because she doesn't love him. I run into the garden in search of father. He turns to me when he hears me coming. "Musette has gone!"

"Musette has gone? What do you mean Musette has gone? Musette can't have possibly gone. This is her wedding!"

"But father, she has!" I hand him the note. He reads it.

"Belinda, where did you find this?"

"In her bedroom"

"OK. We shall have to send out a search party. Well done for finding this" she pats my head and then starts shouting orders at the servants. 

The End

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