Baldric: I'm on a Boat!

I walk down the trail , damm I hate this fashion it really doesn't help add to trying to not be noticed but with all this white , and wide brimmed hats.  This island was populated with loads of the rich , and usually the visitors are not very different. Which is bad in my case.  The things I have done have get in with the wrong groups, started some issues now I work for someone similiar to the one who looks for me.  As I reach the main center I do the same routine I do every time I get into the town center stay out of the light. I twist and turn through the alleyways, what I may be avoiding may not even be here , but living on the streets teaches you to never be to careful , and on that last not I turn a corner , where masked stranger trips me , and starts punching my head. 

Street instincts take over , and I roll over , and jump onto my feet , and duck as another person joins the fight.   Two on one what fair odds.  I sidestep to the left , and kick with my right knocking back one of my attackers.  I step forwards with a left hook knocking the guy on the ground, I turn to find a gun point on my face.

" Oh , looks like you guys had a better hand of cards." I smile and recieve the handle of the small gun too my head, and everything went black.

A little later on I find myself in a box just barely big enough to squirm around in. Something cloth like was shoved in my mouth , and was roped over, My leg , and arms where also bound.  To my right is a little handle hole , and I can see that I'm on a boat , and there was a killer familiar face of the princess talking to who I presumed to be the captian. What was she doin? Wait why do I care? I'm the one who is in a box!


The End

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