My youngest sister asks me a lucudious questionabout learning another language, anyway she tottered off, so I tumbled back to my room. I look around and let out a sigh of anguish.

I bite my lip as I wander around my room, brows together in thought. I stop in my tracks, an idea popping into my head, I grin silently to myself and grab a trunk from under my bed and put in it my thinest clothes. I strip from the ostentatious dress and change into the brown servent's dress that I had swapped with a survent a couple of days ago I lock the murky brown trunk, standing on my tip-toes I look out of the window and see trails of guests come out.

I quickly write a note for whoever comes to check on me. I sneak out of the room - not before stashing all of the money and jewels in my pockets and in the main one in the front of the white apron.

I look around and run to the servants' staircase and rush around to the bottom, ending up in the kitchen. Cook looks over to me, her eyebrows raised she says nothing though. I smile and scuttel through to the backyard, I look around and run to the stables. I don't notice anyone, so I run to my favourite horse saddle up and trot away.

The End

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