"Musette!" I yell up the stairs. I'm not allowed to shout, but I do it anyway. She appears at the top and floats down. Not literally, of coarse, but that's what it looks like.

"Lindy, you know that you are not allowed to shout" she tells me.

"I know"

"What do need?"

"I would like you to help me learn French" I say.

"French? But you could not learn Spanish or Portuguese. Why do you think you can learn French?"

"Maria knows French" I point out.

"Maria is learning French. And she is twelve. You are only seven"

"Aww"I put on my 'I'm really upset' expression.

"Oh Belinda. I tell you what. I'll teach you French later. I have other things on my mind right now"

"Is father still making you marry Mr Orange?"

"Yes. Now run along and play with your dolls"

"Thank you!" I smile sweetly and run to my playroom. 

The End

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