Baldric: Errand boy.

After I finish helping the kitchen staff prepare dinner ,I instantly become a captian ( A fancy name for a server during fancy events) , And help set up the tables, and cutlery, trays , plates, the list goes on.  This takes what seems like hours of making everything nice , and ready once they don't need me I help the dish pig with the dishes that the cooks used for preparing the meal. You I have no specific trade , I just  seem to be good at all of them. Its not a good life decision to be good at lots of things because you never get really good at something.  The dish pig thanks me for my helping. I tell him I payed to be the royal errand boy. Which is true if someone is sick bring in Baldric, if someon doesn't show up , call in Baldric etc.  Atleast i'm payed well for someone like me. 

I was hoping no one was going to give me another job , I've been working nearly 2 day straight for this obsurd wedding.  I tried not to gain a negative opinion on things. I'm known in every little square in this mansion , and when news will travel to the duke, and hell I don't want him on my case.  I couldn't afford to lose another job.  If I did I don't know where I would go.

The End

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