Princess Musette

I cannot believe that my pig headed father is forcing me - yes FORCING - to marry that Orange. I cannot believe that he is doing this, where the hell is the liberty in that. Come on Musette, get real. You are just a girl - not even a woman yet - you have no rights, none what-so-ever. You're going to have to do as you're told. As always, a little voice snips in the corner of my mind.

My voice bites back, hard: Like hell, I will! I push myself away from the green cushioned chair in my chamber and begin to pace. My pale blue dress billows out from my body and scraps along the floor, my long darks hair streches down my back. Luckily for me, I do not have to wear one of those ostentasious wigs. Yet.

I hear one of my sisters call my name, so I skip out of my room, my white shoes nipping at my feet.

The End

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