The unarranged runaway

In the 1790's a young princess is arranged to marry a big-headed, pompous moron who she does not love.
There is only one thing she can do to escape this marriage

That daughter of mine! My eldest daughter, who I love with all my heart is again bothering me. Day and night, she quarrels about her wedding with Prince Frederick of Orange.

"He is mean" she cries "rude. Hurtful. Ugly" the list goes on. Why can she not just shut her mouth and be treated in a prejudiced manner like all the other insignificant women in my land. My wife never complains about not being able to do anything except have babies.

Rumour around our castle is that my daughter has ways of avoiding this wedding. With the help of her advisor, Charles. Well, I have ways of dealing with those two troublemakers.

My daughter will marry the dutchman, that's final

The End

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