Adriana watched as Conn hastily skimmed and dropped the letter on his dresser in front of the mirror. A shaken looked crossed his face as he began to write back, forgetting the fact that Adriana was still awkwardly standing near his bed. Taking a quick glance at the mirror before she walked away, Adriana noticed that the letters, which should be illegible in the reflection, were actually normal. She took a step towards the desk he was writing on and noticed that he was writing the letters as they would appear in the reflection.

“Adriana, would you be a doll and send this letter for me?” said Conn, interrupting her train of thought.

“Of course, would that be all?” she asked sounding a bit more curious than she intended.

“Yes, thank you, make sure to pack some extra food for me tomorrow, just in case,” Conn said with a smirk that looked forced.

“I will, goodbye,” Adriana said as she walked out of the room.

She had read about the ancient renaissance genius Leonardo Di Vinci; how he kept his plans secret by using a mirror to write. What could Conn possibly be hiding, she didn’t know, but she knew that somehow it was important. Most leaders during the Destruction Age would often use codes because they were notorious for being shrewd and deceiving but what need would a Director have for this?

The End

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