Surprise Letter

Conn staggered into his room before falling on the bed with a painful groan. His whole body ached, muscles sore and all because of a single forgotten task : not taking his magic pills. 

He knew the solution was quick and easy: he just had to take two pills (one for the normal amount and the second to regain an extra boost for his body to recover). And within the next hour or two, he'd be back to normal. But the time before that would be incredibly tiring and filled with weariness.

It's like catching the strongest flu and having to suffer it ten times its normal impact before recovery. Exhausted, he would feel for quite a while. But he had no choice.

Where did I put the pills?  Conn thought, dreading the idea of getting up to search for it. It was at that second he heard a knock on his door. "Come in," he muttered, his voice cracking slightly. 

Adriana peeked timidly through the open crack of the door before smiling slightly and entering the room. Seeing Conn in his posture on the bed, she frowned slightly before taking a step closer. "Director, are you-"

"Adriana, be a darling and pass me my magic pills. They're in the cabinet, right over there." 

She seemed deeply surprised by his request. Asking an Unnacceptable for such a thing? Was  he stepping past the line slightly? But Conn couldn't care less as he gave a weak smile and slowly got up to rest his back against the bed. 

Adriana tended to him within a second, handing him the small plastic container which held the pills before giving him a bottle of water. After he took them, he set the container on the counter before turning to Adriana with a tired smile.

"So why are you really here?" 

Adriana jumped slightly and immediately regained her stiff posture before handing him a few letters. "I was told to deliver this urgently."

Curious, he turned over the first envelope. Eyes widening at the address, Conn took in a sharp breath of surprise. It was from home. 

The End

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