They were almost to the summit of the hill when Conn motioned for her to help him dismount. After attempting to ride by himself, they both decided it was best for him to ride with Adriana. Although it added about half-an-hour to their trip, they stuck to desolate roads.

Only after watching him stagger onto the ground did she realize how sick he truly was. A fair sheen of sweat covered his face which seemed to get paler by the second. With a great amount of effort he leaned towards her, only a few inches from her lips. “Once we get there you have to head straight to the stables, I don’t want you getting into any trouble,” he said, “Can you help me mount Zehra? I think I can handle going downhill on my own.”

He was so close to her, closer than any man let alone a Director had ever been. His scent engulfed her, she was drowning in his emerald eyes; she wanted nothing more than to close the distance between them. She quickly looked away and felt the blood rush to her cheeks as she hastily helped him onto Zehra. Silence weighed down on them for the rest of the ride.

Finally they reached the phlegmatic towers and parted ways. She only caught a glimpse of another Unacceptable helping him dismount when she looked over her shoulder. She headed straight to her room, hoping for a chance to regroup her thoughts, but almost immediately after reaching the Unacceptable housing she heard her name being called from behind her.

“Here’s Director Conn’s mail, see to it that he receives it right away,” her supervisor said before shoving a stack of papers into her arms. Not only would she not get a chance to be alone, she would have to face Conn again. This was turning out to be quite a day. 

The End

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