Helping Conn

"Papa," Conn mumbled as he squinted against the sun.

"Conn wake up," she said slightly shaking his shoulder.

He seemed puzzled, he tried to get up but soon gave up, "What happened, and why is my head throbbing?"

"You, ever so stupidly, used up more magic then you had trying to save me," Adriana replied.

Realization crossed his face as the memories rushed back to him. "I was just trying to make sure my investigation went smoothly; if my guide was injured how was I  supposed to continue?" he said with a grin.

"Just fine, come on director, we both know you don't really need me," did she just say that? She felt the blood rush to her cheeks, she was getting too comfortable.

Conn, however didn't seem to notice, "It seems I may enjoy you company a bit more than you think," he said casually, flashing another grin.

"You should eat something, keep your head down, I'll be right back" Adriana said. She jogged to where she'd thrown her bag only to find that during her panic she had forgotten to zip it back up and most of its contents had fallen onto the ground. Sighing, she picked everything up and threw them back into her bag, leaving only a few essential things that Conn would need.

She ran back to him and carefully propped his head up with a towel. "The throbbing should ease once you have some real food; all I have right now are some almonds but they should keep you going till we get back." she said handing him a small bag.

He slowly ate the almonds and, with the help of Adriana, was able to stand up. They walked towards Zehra and this time it was Conn that needed assistance mounting her. As they rode north, Conn was suspiciously quiet.

"What is it?" Adriana asked.

"Nothing," he said, she gave him a questioning look and reluctantly he answered, " After I fainted, you immediately knew what the problem was and how to solve "

", used to take first-aid classes before," she paused a little before she continued, "Before I was...chosen I wanted to be a doctor, so I would sneak a couple of my father's books, he was a teacher."

The End

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