After interviewing the family, Conn left the house, feeling like he was in a daze. Mind swirling with thoughts related to what he'd just heard, he exited himself out the front door. The heat of the day hit him with a slight impact, increasing the nausea.

But the particles of dust that reached him were what really caught his attention. Looking up, he saw Arianna, curled up into a ball as she soared high into the air. The horses ran madly on the Earth, and Zehra looked up, concerned.

Just before Arianna was about to crash onto the surface of the ground, Conn raised his hand, lowering the momentum from which she was being thrown. The nausea increased, a feverish sweat breaking out over his forehead. But all that mattered was that she was safe.

Opening her eyes as light as a crack, she met the gaze of Conn who gave her a small smile. "I thought you were good with horses," he joked. But that was the last thing he said before he blacked out.


A glimpse of marble. And a sure dash of a small boy running around the towering structure of the pole. Giggling, he moved out from under, trying to run as fast as he could from his big sister.

"Connor Williams! You come here right now!"

He ignored the strained voice of his sister as she followed him through the castle-like house. Luxurious as it was, the people who lived inside of it were certainly not of royalty, especially the one boy with that twinkle in his eye as he ran.

He looked over his shoulder for the briefest second, and ran straight into his father.

"Boy! How many times have I told you not to play?"

The man glared down angrily at his son, shaking his head to himself in disappointment.

"But Papa..."

"Don't Papa me! If you're going to be a Director someday, you have to limit to your playtimes and learn to be man. Now go! Magic lessons await!"

Frowning to himself, little boy Conn turned around and followed his sister who shot him a look of pity. Their father was so hard on him. And Conn hated it. No one cared about what he wanted sometimes.

But he had to listen to his parents.

And he would have to become Director Conn one day.

The End

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