An Unexpected Event

Adriana had worked with horses for the past three years, but never had she connected with them to this level. Maybe it was the change from her being the one grooming and feeding it to being the one in control. The horse seemed to understand where she wanted to go even though she barely tugged the reins. Although she loved the sand-colored horse, Zehra had completely won her heart; when Conn left Zehra seemed to understand what was happening and followed Adriana without having to be tied. Adriana itched to ride her, but even she could see that riding Zehra would be completely out of bounds.

As she neared the house, she decided to try a sprint. She whispered “run,” to the horse and before she could stop it both horses galloped towards the McNealy house, sending dust to fly nearly blinding Adriana. She panicked and lost control of the reigns, next thing she knew she was flying. Anticipating the worst, she clenched up in a ball weighting for the pain to hit but it never did. As the dust cleared she saw Conn holding his hand up, he had suspended her drop, sweat beading on his forehead as he concentrated on slowly lowering her. A weak smile played across his lips as he said, “I thought you were good with horses.” Just as she was about to send back a witty reply, he turned pale and fainted.

“Director!” she exclaimed as she ran to him. This was bad, she wasn’t supposed to mess this up and here the most famous director in Callingham had fainted on her watch. If she called the authorities she would obviously be suspected for planning this. She had a record and bringing her Supervisor into this was the last thing she needed. She reached into her backpack, pulled out her water bottle and poured well more than needed all over Conn. Relief spread across her face as the color flooded back into face and he opened those beautiful green eyes of his.

The End

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