Victim #1

Conn was but thin air as he vanished from view. The last thing he saw was Arianna's eyes, that appeared like two amber orbs as the sun reflected off of them, before finding himself in the living room of the McNealy mansion.

The warmth of the fire flooded into the new atmosphere as Conn's eyes swerved around the room; inspecting the inconspicuous setting before falling down on the three people gathered in the room.

A man, his wife, and his little boy looked up at the Director with wide and surprised eyes. Giving them a firm but genuine smile, he said, "I'm Director Conn, and I'm here to ask you a few questions about the missing pills?"

The man stood up, and Conn assumed him to be in his mid-forties. His peppery ashen hair and wrinkled skin were the factors that played out in Conn's assumptions but the serene look that crossed the man's face topped it all off.

"David, go play in your room alright?"

The boy got off the couch, nodding as he scuttled off, shooting Conn a curious but fascinated look before turning around the corner of the room. Returning his attention to the two adults, he said, "You are one of the victims of the theft, yes?"

They nodded, solemnly. "We haven't been able to give David any. His magical abilities have seriously been lacking, and his friends in school bully him because of it. We've resorted to keeping him at home for now but how long can we?"

Conn nodded, understanding the predicament they were in. "Fill me in on the details of how the theft occured, please."

The man nodded, gesturing at Conn to sit down as he indulged into the story.

Nothing like this had ever happened in Callingham; this wasn't just strange but dangerous. Missing magic pills wasn't funny - it was deadly. And the person would be caught.

The End

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