The Ride to The McNealy's

Adriana felt the heat rush to her face as Conn lifted her onto the horse, determined to regain control over her expression, she turned away as her face calmed. Clearing her throat she said, “The um…southernmost house would be the McNealy’s, if we stay at a steady pace we should reach there in about 30 minutes.”

“Great,” Conn replied, “lead the way.”

As they rode off Adriana shot Maria a murderous glare. Maria winked, grinned back at her and said, “See you guys later.”

Not until they reached the deserted, sand road that lead south did Adriana realize how much she enjoyed riding. The way the horse swayed as it went seemed to calm her down; she closed her eyes and let the wind blow away her thoughts and worries.  

“I’m sorry about surprising you guys like that, I should’ve known you weren’t used to people teleporting in and out,” he said, interrupting her train of thought.

“Its fine, we should have expected you,” laughing she added, “And I’m sorry my friend was drooling all over you.”

She saw his face turn red as he chuckled a little. After a while Conn asked “Why is this road so empty,” obviously trying to make conversation.

“Well, it’s early in the morning so most of the people are on their way north on another road to work, didn’t they tell you that the majority of citizens live in the south?” Adriana said.

He pointed towards a paper from his leather bag and it flew up to meet him, he skimmed it over “Huh, must’ve missed it,” he said the lie apparent in his eyes.

“That’s the McNealy house over there,” she said pointing towards a one-story house in the distance.

"Do you mind if, teleport there ahead of you; I normally wouldn't, but I want to try to get two houses interviewed today," he asked politely.

"Yeah, sure go ahead. I'll bring Zehra with me and meet you there so we can head for the next house," Adriana answered.

And with a pop he was gone.

The End

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