"Do you have a specific plan for the interviews?" Adriana asked.

"I thought we should start south and work our way back, if that's okay with you," Conn replied.

"Perfect," Adriana said flashing him a smile,"I'll go get the horses ready"

"Do you mind if I come? I haven't seen Zehra all day and I brought her some treats from breakfast," he said showing her a couple of sugar cubes wrapped in a napkin.

"Yeah, no problem," never in her life had Adriana seen a director so...down to earth. Some directors honestly had no clue that horses even ate, they treated them like the machines that almost destroyed the Earth, cars. Not only did he treat horses with respect, but Unacceptables too...she didn't like it. After all her years of being an Unacceptable she's learned that she shouldn't trust people like Conn... she would have to play her cards right and keep her guard up.

"Great, let me just get my pills and I'll meet you there," he said and walked towards the clinic.

She nodded and walked to the small back door leading towards the barn. As she opened the door she was welcomed by a warm spring breeze, at least the weather didn't have it in for her today. She walked down the stone path and almost as soon as she walked into the stable door Zehra trotted up to her. Adriana petted her and smiled. "Hello there, did you sleep well?" she asked the beautiful mare. Zehra whinnied in response and looked over her shoulder. "He's not here yet, come on lets go wait inside," she said and whistled for the mare to follow her.

"Good morning horse whisperer," a voice said behind her. She turned and found Maria leaned against the barn door smiling at her.

"Stop lurking in the shadows and help me with this horse," Adriana replied laughing as she picked up a brush.

"I didn't see you all morning, where were you?" Maria asked getting another brush and walking towards the left side of a sand-colored horse.

"The grease monkey called me in...I'd rather not talk about it," she replied as she brushed down the right side.

Just as Maria was about to open her mouth to undoubtedly prod for an answer, a pop sounded as Conn teleported into the stable.

The End

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