Famous Director Conn

Conn was sitting in the lobby, waiting for his new guide to show up. There were a few others in the room, some who were staring at him in interest. But Conn was used to this kind of behaviour. Directors were always treated like celebrities, looked up on. And it was very rarely that Conn ever travelled out of his town, or even considered the idea. This was the first time.

Director Conn had become a household name in Callingham. Everyone knew him - for the fact that he was the youngest Director to exist. Parents of Primes pushed their children to be like him one day. "You can get to live a comfortable and luxurious life, just be like Director Conn okay?"

There were times that kids in his own town would walk up to Conn and ask for an autograph in their excited voices, and run screaming off "He signed for me! He signed for me!" Conn was looked at as a role model and he felt glad about that. Those days of studying into the late nights, and working hard hadn't gone to waste.

"Director Conn?"

He looked down, his green eyes meeting the childish and playful blue ones of the small girl in front of him. A dark blush rose up in her cheeks under the gaze of Conn, matching her hair colour as she was beet red. But Conn smiled, asking in a friendly tone, "Yes?"

"Will you..." She rubbed her feet in invisible circles against the carpet floor, shy as she asked, "Sign for me?"

Conn smiled warmly at the girl and nodded. "Of course."

She handed him a small pink notebook and he took out his fountain pen, signing elegantly as his handwriting sunk into the surface of the paper.

W. Connor

Conn patted the little girl's head as she laughed in delight, looking gratefully up at him. "Thank you Sir!"

That was when he heard someone clear her throat. Looking up, Conn met the eyes of Adriana who smiled politely at him. "Ready Director?"

Grinning, he bobbed his head enthusiastically and said, " I sure am."

The End

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