Here We Go

"My name's Adriana by the way" she said smiling

"Conn," he replied

"I know, I should get going see you tomorrow"

She walked away pleased with how the day had gone.


The next day Adriana was woken up with the blaring alarm her Supervisor had insisted to put in. She checked her clock and grunted, 5:30a.m, he had woken her an hour early. Taking as much time as possible she put on a pair of sweat pants and her red shirt for the morning exercise. Walking to the field she spotted Con looking admittedly cute in his exercise clothes.

"Good morning," she said walking towards him.

"Hey, I talked to your Supervisor, it took some persuading but he gave in,” Conn said smiling politely.

“Will Adriana please report to the office," a speaker crackled.

"And this is why they woke me up so early, see you later Director Conn,” she said formally.

She walked down the whitewashed hallways and couldn't help but notice the suspicious stares. Even though their conversation was completely mundane people thought that she was being called in because she was getting too personal with Conn. She couldn’t dwell on the thoughts of others, she had been down that road before and she wasn’t planning on doing it again.

She walked through the slightly open door and her supervisor behind his desk, he was a short man with greasy black hair, and completely despised her. She sat in the familiar chair across him, as a kid she was constantly in this same chair for disobeying orders.

“Do you know why I called you here?” he asked, trying to intimidate her.

“Director Conn,” she said simply.

“Yes, you are to start showing him around after morning exercises,” he said, “But I called you in here to tell you that you are not to mess this up I do not want Director Conn to be unhappy in any way, just keep in mind that if he hadn’t personally requested you I would have never chosen you, it wouldn’t have even crossed my mind.”

Normally Adriana would have made a scene and yelled right back at him, but that was the past instead she nodded got up and left. He wasn’t worth it and one day he will apologize for all the things he’s done, him and everyone else.

The End

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