Conn could tell that he'd taken her by surprise. Of course he had, Directors were normally never allowed to 'socialize' with the Unnaceptables. They were of much lower class and status. It was forbidden. Not just frowned upon but capable of getting jobs revoked.

Conn was curious though. He could tell there was something different about this particular Unacceptable. She was not only different in the way that he sensed it but she was also much friendlier than most of the Unacceptables he'd met. Or maybe her friendliness had something to do with her being a citizen of Zonoha.

Conn wasn't sure at all but he was willing to find out. He was smart enough to come up with the perfect explanation for her to be assisting him. The Supervisor would disagree at the start but not most Supervisors really had a choice but to listen to Conn. His orders were always followed.

But the Unacceptable was having difficulty processing what Conn had just said. It showed by the expression on her face. She wasn't just shocked. She was outright uncertain.

But Conn knew she would say yes. They always did.

"But..why me?" Her answer came in the form of a question which amused him.

Smiling, he replied, "Because you're the first person I've met here and you've made quite a good impression on me." Pausing, he then continued, "You will show me the way around here. I will reward you for it."

"How?" She asked, curious.

Conn grinned and he saw a deep blush rise up in the lady's cheeks. "You'll see."

The End

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