Missing Magic Pills

Adriana didn't know what to do he had surprised her (which didn't happen often); there were no rules...or procedures for what had happened, so she followed her own rule for once 'when in doubt, ignore'. She decided to focus more on his horse and the way the moonlight cascaded over her. If only she could ride her, just once.

Ever since she was a little girl Adriana loved horses. Though she has never ridden one for more than the distance from the front door to the barn, she still adored them. She let her mind race, thinking about all the different horses she'd ridden. She remembered the first one she'd ridden, it was a white stallion that was extremely and unbelievably sweet. Adriana had instantly fallen in love with it, and had even risked feeding it an extra sugar cube when her Supervisor wasn't looking.

The sweet smell of freshly cut hay interrupted her thoughts. She took a deep breath smiling for real this time, the barn always made her happier no matter how down she was. She handed the Director a rope but he shook his head and promised that the horse, Zehra didn't need it. As she was putting the rope back she turned around to see him starting sweetly into Zehra's eyes. They looked at each other like a father and daughter might, complete love and trust apparent.

He turned to ask her a question but all of a sudden she saw his mouth clench while the rest of his body froze mid-turn. 'He saw the streak,' she thought, she had been so stupid thinking she could get away with it and now she would have to straighten this out or probably be sent to a terrible job like mining.

"I-I didn't know what to do,"she stammered,"I know I ought to have told you that I wasn't ...was an Unacceptable....Please don't report me, I'll do anything, I love my job, I really do..."

"You will assist me in the on-going investigation of the missing magic pills," he said after a pause, again taking her by surprise.

"E-excuse me?" she asked not sure she heard him right.

"I don't know anyone in this town and I definitely don't know how to get around. I'll talk to your Supervisor and see to it that you have  fully equipped horse so you can show me around first thing tomorrow."

The End

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