The Beautiful Lady

Zonoha was nothing compared to Eskhalar. Yet, it was a fact that it was a biased judgement. Conn felt homesick as Zerah approched the small inn that he'd directed her towards. He wanted to go back to his house and not have to settle with a small room where he'd be staying for the next nine months.

If he dealt with this problem faster, he could go back home. But the idea of having to list a few suspects, investigate into each one's stories and track down the real criminal would feel as more of a hassle then it already did.

He sighed, dismounting his mare and patting it tenderly before his attention diverted to the woman who was walking towards him with a smile on her face. "Welcome to Zonoha, you will be staying in room 303. May I take your mare?"

He stared at her. She looked absolutely beautiful, if not stunning. Her hazel eyes appeared almost blue at night with dark wavy hair that fell till her waist. Conn mumbled a sentence off the top of his head that barely made any sense to him, let alone should it to her. She nodded, the smile remaining fixed on her face as she turned his back to him and led him towards the barn.

Conn was contemplating inside his mind. It was generally not of the usual customs to send an established lady to welcome Directors such as himself to the town. By first impressions, Conn believed her to be a Prime. Just her general looks, the fact that she wasn't shabby enough to appear an Unacceptable ruled the possibility out of his mind.

Before he could control himself, he asked in a rather curious yet hint of a flirty tone, "Don't they have any Unacceptables in Zonoha, rather than sending a pretty girl like you to do this dirty work?"

She seemed to stiffen but didn't say anything as she continued leading him to the barn. A cool breeze swept through and Conn sighed. It came from the North, from his home. He could feel it.

Heaving another sigh, he entered the barn. The woman handed him a rope but he shook his head at her.

"Zehra doesn't need it. She won't run away. Will you?" Conn grinned at his mare who whinnied a 'goodnight', patting her one last time before making his way out the barn.

It was then that he noticed it. The clouds parted in the sky above, filtering clear rays of the moonlight that shone down on them like a bright spotlight. Conn's eyes that were fixed on the back of her head saw the sudden change of the color in her hair. It looked almost silver like, the color of a waterfall in the darkest times of the night. But a particular streak stood out of her hair, a dark scarlet strand.

Conn froze, stopping midway in the question he'd been about to ask her. Realization dawned on him.

She was an Unacceptable.

The End

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