Looking out the window of the room she was preparing, she saw him coming up the hill a distance away. Director Conner of Eskhalar, she knew about him alright she had been preparing his room in the Director’s Building for the past hour. The Director’s Building is one of the few buildings that Callingham has kept from the Destruction Age; it was tall, made of reflective glass and the inside of it had a brown and red color scheme. Even though most people thought it was beautiful when she looked at it, she only saw a sort of cold detachment; like it didn’t belong.

“Adriana go downstairs and tend to Director Conn’s mare” the speaker in the wall instructed.

Sighing Adriana mumbled a couple of words she was thankful the Supervisor couldn’t hear.  Adriana was painfully aware that if she had magic it would take the blink of an eye to get downstairs, but instead she had to endure a two minute descend .

By the time she was out of the building he was still a while away so she had to stand in the cold of the night, waiting. Five minutes later he was close enough to see her and she quickly plastered a smile on her face and waved Director Conn and his beautiful brown mare towards the stable. As he came closer she couldn’t help but notice that the rumors she had heard were true; he was beyond doubt, extremely handsome. He had short dirty blonde hair, that complemented his tanned skin and his sad, troubled deep green eyes that seemed to be asking for comfort; comfort she could give. Stop, she chided herself, he is a Director, you are an Unacceptable and according to Rule #2 she was “never to mix socially with him unless on a work basis”.

“Welcome to Zonaha, you will be staying in room 303. May I take your mare?” she said succeeding in sounding happy but not flirtatious.

“No, I prefer to look after her myself if you don’t mind, but if you may be so kind as to show me the way to your barn…” he sort of faded out the rest of the sentence seeming to have lost what he was going to say.

“Right this way,” she said ignoring the way he looked at her, and lead him down the barn’s stone path. It was not her place to question or judge the actions of the other citizens.

"Don't they have any Unacceptables in Zonaha, rather than sending a pretty girl like you to do this dirty work?"”

The End

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