The Unacceptable

Director Conn of Eskhalar moves to Zonaha to debut his Directing career being theyoungest at the age of 20, upon his arrival he meets Adriana, and soon falls head over heels for an Unacceptable. The thrilling crime love story set place in a Utopia-like world where crossing the line has its consequences.


This chapter is just basically explaining Callingham,the Utopia Conn and Adriana live in


  1. Directors
  2. Primes
  3. Pupils
  4. Unacceptable

Main Rules:

  1. Directors and Primes may switch towns so long as they have a person from another town to switch positions with. Unacceptables and Pupils must stay in their birth towns. Pupils till their training is done and Unacceptables to labor.
  2. Unacceptables are chosen at the age of two, each Prime family must provide one child of their choosing of the three children they are permitted to have. Unacceptables may not mix socially with other ranks unless on a work basis.
  3. Pupils must complete thirteen training levels after which the Director of the Town will choose one (each town has one Director) Pupil to become then new Director based on their performance in training.
  4. When a Director retires they must guide their Pupil for three years and then spend a life of leisure and be treated with the utmost respect
  5. Once Pupils are appointed Directors they may not become Primes though they are allowed to wed them or a Pupil of proper ages.
  6. Directors are given two pills of magic as apposed to the one pill Primes and Pupils are allowed. Unacceptables are NEVER allowed to handle magic in any shape or form.
  7. All citizens must participate in the daily exercises to ensure that the whole population is at the peak of their health

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The End

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