Miki: Recognition

"How can we trust you?" I ask.

The 'traitor', Alan, looked at me for the first time. His eyes go wide in recognition and I flinch.

"You're Miki..... the goverments best agent..... you went missing a month ago with....." He looked at Adrian. "A criminal...... I read your file though... Full to the-"

My hand comes hard across his face. Everyone stares shocked.

"No one needs to know anything" Then seeing the others look of distrust I turn and run out the warehouse.

"Miki" Adrian shouts after me but he knows its pointless.

I get out side... and scream. I slump to the floor and sob. I don't know why I react this way.

Maybe its cause I know I'll never live my reputation down. Maybe it's cause I know my past will always follow me.

"Miki" I look up at Oliver. A frowns on his face.

"Go away" I mumble burying my head back in my knees.

"Maybe they should of sent Adrian but Scarlett said I should go..... no idea why" he sits down next to me. I choke out a laugh and I look at him.

"I'm sorry" I mutter then look back straight ahead.

"What do you have to be sorry for? What's in your file?" he asks.

"Missions..... captures" I whisper.

"Oh" thats all he can seem to say.

"Call me what you want.... I'm use to it"

"How did you join the goverment..... I mean you look so......"

"Innocent" I say smiling smugly. He blushes but nods.

"That's the reason. I was raised in the goverment..... Then when the law was past they sent me out. Again and again and again. I knew what it was for but...." I took in a sharp breath. ".... Lets just say I saw what they do to the mothers behind closed doors"

He winces, probably thinking of his sister.

"Maybe I should just leave Adrian with you lot and go out on my own" I mutter. "Non of you seem to trust me"

"I do" I look at Oliver confused.

"How can you trust me when you've only just met me?" I ask.

"Call it my sixth sense" he says smiling. He stands up and offers me his hand. I take it and he pulls me to my feet.

Then we make are way back inside and not once does he let go of my hand.

The End

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