Maria: Bringer of bad news.

Sh*t, sh*t, sh*t, bugger, crap, fudge pie! I knew this would happen. 'Never stop till you're sure, even then run longer.' That's what my parents had taught me. And what did I do? Not that. Maria you idiot! I think to myself as I drag Alan in by his ear.

"You always have to ruin everything, don't you?" I snarl at him as we approch the warehouse, his upper body in curved downwards towards me. I suppose it helps being short next to a lanky git sometimes.

"I don't mean to, I had ord-"

"ORDERS!" I yell, now less than a hundred meters from the building. "Well, that's just effin' great isn't it? So long, as you're safe and happy, who gives a rat's arse about anyone else." I laugh humorlessly, "T' think we were friends."

I slam the door open, knowing that it would at least wake George up.

"Everyone get up, we've been found!" I yell at the top of my voice, Alan cringes, Scarlett is up instantly, Liam looking shell shocked behind her.

George catches my eye, I nod, he starts to pack. He's done is five seconds, he picks Tom up and rocks him, making sure that he continues to sleep.

Miki and Adrian look confused. I look right at them, "He's from the government." They look shocked. I turn to everyone else. "We have to move, everyone up!" I only just manage to keep the 'now' from my speach, the last thing I want is to be a control freak.

Scarlett looks seriously confused and slightly angery. "How do we know this? I've been hiding here for months and we haven't been found. Why now?"

"Because I know him," her eyes widen. Great job Maria, now it looks as if you've set a bloody trap! You moron! 

"You... This is a trap." She gives me such a look, that if I hadn't been used to recieving such looks, I propably would have cried. But I don't.

"Look, I didn't set this. Ok? The only reason I know this is because, I know this rat," I push Alan to the ground, he looks up sheepishly. "We used - as in past tense - to be friends when we were minus ten. Alright?

"He joined the government, I didn't. I loathe the government and everything it stands for. You say you've been here for ages right?" She nods slowly. "Well then, that's what they do. They will search everywhere it's just now they've come here."

"Why?" Liam asks.

"Because they want to... They want to get rid of us." Miki answers, Adrian mearly nods.

"How do you know this? Have you worked for the government?" Ollie asks.

"Me?" I bark out a laugh. "You have to be kidding right? No? Oh. I come from a family of sympathisers, who just so happened to run an underground movement. They were killed." I move over to George, whose eyes glisten with failed tears. I pull him into a hug, careful not to crush Tom.

"One things for sure," Alan pitches up. "We're going to have to move, quickly."

"We're?" My head snaps up, I feel acid in my eyes.

"Yeah, that's why I was in the woods. I ran from the government. Gave up. It asks for too much."

I grit my teeth as Tom wiggles between my brother and I.

The End

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