Maddie: Jolie Marguerite

Twenty Minuets Earlier:

"Stupid practice." mutters Adrian as he walks towards me. I smile at Harry as he stares in fascination at Ollie and Miki fighting.  

"Harry, it's bedtime now." he shakes his head not taking his eyes off of Miki. "I'm afraid it is little man, come on." he sighs but obeys.
 I set up his bed earlier, at least it was a bit warmer then the tent. I wasn't planning to stay here for much longer. I'll be waking him up at about 7pm before anyone wakes up to get out of this place.

Daisy was still awake but she was drifting off, it wouldn't be too long till the others were asleep too. Thank god. I especially don't trust that Miki. She seemed nice enough but she had worked for the government, I had a gut feeling that she was up to something. I could be wrong, but I was going on my gut instinct with this one.

I put Daisy in her ‘cot' and wrapped her up in her blankets, and then crawled over to Harry.
"You alright little man?" I smiled down at him. He nodded distracted. He was still trying to watch the fighting lesson but he could barely keep his eyes open. I kissed his forehead. "N'night then,"

"Night Maddie, love you" he mumbled.

"Love you too," I said covering him up with the blankets.
I turned and Adrian was standing over Daisy, what was up with him? I got up and stood next to him.

"Umm, are you okay?"

"Yeah" he replied slowly. "What's her name?"


"ahhh, jolie marguerite." he sighed.


"Pretty Daisy." he smiled and looked at me. I nodded, I had nothing else to say.  "You not going to sleep yet?" he asked.

"Nope. I only sleep when I have to." he nodded.

"You must be shattered."

"Not really. Used to it." I shrugged as I turned round and sat in-between the beds.

"You really love them don't you." I nodded solemnly,

"Big sisters honour."

"Big sister?"

"I'm not there mum!" I whispered with mock shock, I smiled up at him. He seemed pretty distant. Probably seen a lot. I wasn't going to ask, it wasn't any of my business and I wasn't going to make friends either. I curled my knees up to my chest and put my hands on my head. Adrian sat next to Daisy, just watching her. It was quite weird, but he could look all he wanted, she wouldn't be there in the ‘morning'. I looked across the room to see Maria putting her little brother to bed. 

The End

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