Maria: Couriousity killed the cat.

I put Tom to sleep, wrapping him up in some spare linin I packed earlier.

"C'mon George, you have to go to sleep too. Y' look knackered!" I put my hands on my hips, looking down at him, sitting crossed legged on the floor. We talk in mono tones, trying not to wake anyone else up.

"What about you? Are you gunna get any sleep?" He asks, standing up, I put my hands on his sholders, forcing him down again.

"Yes... Maybe... I don't know! I'll try, but I need to check it outside, see if anyone's coming. Alright?" I raise an eyebrow, he looks away and nods.

"Good," I continue, squatting down to him. "Now, I need you to look after, Tom." I pull out his knife, handing it to him.

"Why don't you trust them?" He whispers, dragging linin around him.

I sigh. "It's hard to these days. Y' don't know who's friend or foe any more. But," I pull my jumper out, folding it into a pillow. "I will make sure that you two are safe... And happy, whether it's the last thing I do. Ok?"

"Not if it's the last thing you do, how can we be happy - or safe for that matter - without you?"

"You'll make do. Alright," I sigh standing up, sliding the gun into my jacket holster. "Sleep, now. Or else I'll kick your butt."

He smiles faintly. "Night, Maria."

"Night night, George." He falls back, the make-shift pillow obsorbing his head. He sleeps instantly. I do the bags up, child locking them so Tom doesn't get in, but incase he does wake, I pull a bottle of blackcurrent out - always best to have some with Tom. It makes him happy.

I walk out if the building, tiptoeing past the sleeping people. It occures to me that there are no older adults. The oldest one here must be around twentysix, twentyseven.

Older sympathisers rarely make it, the other older generation just doesn't care. I mean, look at the leaders, they're all fourty plus. None of them seem to remember.

I jog around the outside of the building. Half way round I see another slope leading up. Curiousity gets the better of me and I run up it. The wind rushes past me, making my long hair fly like a cape.

As I reach the top, I turn around surveying my surroundings. Crunch! My head whirls around, a tall man stands leering into me, making me lean backwards. His eyes gleam gold as he tries to grab me. I grab his right fist, twist it around, pull his arm out straight, with the other empty hand I bash is arm in a slicing motion, I pull his arm down and around his arm forming a triangle on his back. 

I gulp down my anger. My voice comes out harsh and empty, "Who, are, you?"

"Oh you know, you definatly kn-" he breaks off with a cry of pain, as I lift his triangled hard up to his head. I reach my foot around, kicking his ankle with the hard back end of the sole of my boot. I jump up, landing perfectly next to him as he kneels in pain.

"I'm only going to ask you one more time," I pull the gun out placing it to the side of his head. "Who are you?"

"What? Are you actually... gunna kill me... with my own gun?" He asks, panting in pain. I freeze in shock.

The End

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