Miki: Practice

"Venez y mettre Adrian" I shout to him in french. Which mean 'Come on Adrian bring it'.

He jumps on the balls of his feet.

"This is so not fair. Theres no point me fighting you" Adrian says. He punches.

I duck under his arm, grabs it then toss him over my shoulder and he hits the ground hard.

"Ouch" I look up to see everyone watching and it was Oliver who had made the remark.

"I didn't think such a small person could beat up someone so easily" I turn and look at Liam.

"Can you fight?" I say tilting my head.

Scarlett elbows Liam and mouths don't.

"It's okay, I've had worse. I should know better" I help Adrian to his feet who groans and walks off muttering 'Stupid practice'.

"Can you teach me?" I look at Oliver.

"Sure" I mutter.

He walks over.

"Like this" I show him and fighting stance and he copies.

"Never stay still"

I continue to give him tips and we practice basic moves and defences for about an hour.

Then everyone begins to settle down.

"Time for bed" I mutter. I yawn and Oliver watches me curiously.

"Sleep well" He mutters then takes a spot on the groound far away from Liam and Scarlett.

I raise my eyebrow at that and go over to sit next to him.

"Why you over here? Wouldn't it be better over there with everyone else..... Warmer?" I ask.

"I.... don't like the closeness of my sister with Liam" he says leaning up on his elbows.

I frown.

"Then I'll share with you" I run over grab my blanket out my bag and curl up next to Oliver.

He looks at me shocked as I curl next to him.

Like a mouse in the claws of a lion. But eventually settles down and I fall peacefully off to sleep.

The End

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