Scarlett: Picadilly Circus

We were getting quite crowded now.  The government's claims that the world was over populated were beginning to make sense.  Aside from me, Ollie and Liam there was now Maddie and her brother Harry and her baby sister Daisy and Miki and Adrian.

I was starting to wonder if we should split up, we were more likely to be found as one big group.  I was so busy thinking that I didn't even hear more people approaching so it was only when a girl with mousy brown hair and a gun appeared in the doorway that I drew mine.

'Hold fire!'  I yelled.  I was so worried that one of the children would get caught up in the cross-fire.  The girl carefully lowered her gun so I did the same.

'I'm sorry I saw the lights and I thought...'  A two small boys appeared behind her.  Another one of us.

'It's OK you running too?'  I motioned for her to come in.  'I'm Scarlett by the way.  We seem to have been getting a lot of runaways here tonight.'  I smiled trying to remove any tension there might be between us.

'So you're not all in one group?'

'God no!'  I seperated the groups out for her and it looked like she understood me.

'So why are you hiding?  Neither you, Liam or Ollie has kids so why hide?'  I didn't know if I trusted her enough to tell her but if I didn't someone else would.

'I'm pregnant.  If the government found me then we both would die, me and the baby.'  I wrapped my arms protectively around my stomach.

'How long?'

'Only a couple of months.  To tell you the truth I'm more scared about bringing up a child than being caught by the government.'

'What makes you say that?'

'I don't know if I can do it.  I've spent part of my life in the army, I'm used to order and accuracy and routine.  I know nothing about being a mother.'

'Well it looks like Liam isn't going to have a problem with being a dad.'  She pointed to where he knelt on the floor playing with Harry.  I smiled.  We would be OK.  Please say we are going to be OK.

The End

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