Maria: Old friends.

"C'mon boys, we can do this," I say, "We can do this."

I look to Tom, he looks like a zombie; the image sends shockwaves to me, I try to shake them away with no such luck. I sigh, as I pick him up, letting him sleep on me.

"Feel like you could keep it going for a mile or to, George?" I lick my lips from habit.

"Can you?" He asks.

"Hey, I asked you first." I grin, nudging him with my elbow slightly.

"If you can then, I can." He looks away to the woods, good cover for if we need it.

"And if I can't?"

"Then... I still can," he answers intelligantly, knowing full well that I would set up camp, right here and now if he said differently.


"Absolutly." We smile at each other, I sightly send thanks to anyone that might be listening for having such a lovely little brother. Tom's quiet, muffled snores make us giggle and pat his hair lightly.

We continue down the rural path, the rocks acting as the pavement. We walk for an extra two miles in an hour; the rustling leaves pushing us forward faster, in fear. I pass Tom to George, biting down on my lip in concentration, eyes screwing together, as I try to listen out for rouge sounds. Crunch.

"Maria," George whispers, I look to him, "Did you hear that?" he continues, still whispering. I nod, pulling a knife from my trousers, and take Tom back, pulling George close to me, he glances around feverishly as Tom continues to sleep.


Someone's body part cracks, making me shudder.

"Still screamish, I see, Maria." That voice turns my blood to ice. I lick my lips, turning coldly to it.

"Still an arse, I see, Alan." My voice mimics his.

He tries to laugh; it comes out cold and twisted, with a snarl thrown in for extra measure. "Funny. But then, you always were the joker when we were kids, weren't you?" He looks at me, I mean really looks at me, "You've changed a lot, Maria. Where's that friend of yours? Kelsy, was it."

George grips my elbow. "No, Kelly."

"Ahh, yes. Kelly." He looks at the boys, reconising George he dismisses him. Then, he noices Tom. His facew drops. "Yours?"

I tilt my head, a scornful smile playing on my lips. "What's it to you?"

"He's... He's too young... He's what? Four? He... He was born... After the... The law..."

"No, just before, but he fell into the catorgorie, yes."

"How could you have been so... So stupid?"

"Did I say he was mine, and did I not say that he was born before that law?"

"He's not yours? Thank God. That means you can give him ove-"

"NO!" George and I scream at the same time. I pull Tom to the side, shielding him with my body, George steps behind me, taking Tom from me.

Alan raises a pale brow, cocking his head. Alan is twenty one years old, being only a year an a half older than me as I'm a May baby whereas he's a September child. He's around 6'3 and slim, yet muscly from fighting, as he, like me, is also a blackbelt in martial arts. He's wearing a black leather jacket and casual dark blue jeans, his pale blonde hair spread around his face like a halo.

"You, even try to take him. And I sware, on my familys' graves that I can, and I will kill you." I growl through my teeth, backing George backwards. The knife's handle pattern engraving in my palm.

"Maria, I wouldn't. Trust me."

"Bull." I snarl, "Your trust meant nothing after you joined them I cannot, and will not believe you. Not anymore." I tap George's ankle with my right foot, signaling him to get into the woods.

He understands, nudging me lightly in my back.

"Maria. What're you two... Oh, please, don't. Can't we just talk? Y'know, likw normal adults?"

"No, thanks, because of you and your government we and Tom will never have a normal life. We were sympathisers to Kelly, she was murdered, no one battered an eyelid. So, don't you dare talk to me like... Like you actually care."

"Bu-" Noises behind cut him off.

"Just go." I say harshly, I lean back to George, whispering, "Move." 

He runs into the woods, not stopping, leaving me alone with Alan. 

"Maria, please. Don't do this," his eyes plead to mine, we step forward in sinc.

I lean in, his eyes widen in shock, he shakes it away, closing them leaning into me. I move to his ear, he freezes.

"Go to hell." I pull back, smacking my hand in a slicing motion into the back of his neck, forcing him to the ground, unconcious. I pick out his GPRS, drop it to the floor, my foot follows it. I find money and a gun, I pocket them both.

I check to see if he's OK. He is, I open his airwaves, making sure he doesn't die. "Bye bye."

I run in to the woods, quickly catching up with George. I don't look back. I take Tom, so George can run easier. We jump over ringed roots, duck under rouge viens.

We keep running until we see a warehouse. Lights flicker inside, as if there isn't any electricity.

"Wanna try there, George?" I ask, my voice light, even from all that running.

His face is flushed from running, his torso rising alarmingly as he nods.

"Okay then," before we desend I pull out his inhaler. He takes it, his whole body rising dramically. I put my arm around him, squeezing him. I pull out Alan's gun as we skid down the muddy slope.

The End

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