I run Adrian on my heels. He maybe young but he's fast.... well with this life he's had to be.

We see a building up ahead. I stop and turn to him. My starlight white hair goes round may face framing it before stopping below the chin. I also have a side fringe that goes to the right slightly over my eye.

"I think we should stay there" I say indicating the building. My gray eyes come level with his. That's another thing that gets me.

Adrian's 17 years old and I'm 23, yet he's slightly taller then me. His Ocean blue eyes are scared slightly darker than usual.

"I'm not sure, Miki" he says passing a hand back through his brown ruffled hair.

"We need to rest for a while Adrian. We can't go non stop across the country..... besides this is your fault" I shove him slightly.

Great back on this arguement again.

"Well, sorry for falling in love" he shouts.

"Yeah, you should be. She was under aged and the fact she became pregnant is even worse. Now the whole goverments after you" I shout back.

"Well may I remind you. You were one of them" That stunge I flinched back. Then his eyes filled with regret at his words.

"Ah, Miki" I shake my head before starting towards the building.

"I didn't mean it really" he says taking my small delicate hand in his. Another thing about me, I'm fast and strong yet my body it still delicately structured.

"Its okay Adrian" I take a deep breath. "I can't change the past"

I can't change the fact I was the goverments best agent in tracking down pregnant women and bringing them in.

I never was there when the baby was killed and the mothers cried in pain for nights on end..... but I might as well have been.

I mean I was there best cause of how I looked.

Small and delicately strusture body. Thin face with high cheek bones, large oval eyes, small nose and lips. Short starlight white hair that framed my face to below my jaw with a side fringe. My eyes cloudy/smokey gray that seems full of innocence but also wisdom.

I was perfectly harmless. And..... I had remained ignorant. I had only found out a year ago what they truely did to the pregnant women behind closed doors that they caught.

Not only did they killed there children, sometimes even ones with features, but they torchered them about it.

Sometimes they hit them and sometimes if there were babys bodies they would throw the thing at them..... It made me sick.

I mean literally. I had found Adrian with his girlfriend at that point. They were just being brought in.

I tried to save them both.... I failed. I only got Adrian out but I couldn't get his eight month pregnant girlfriend out with him.

God.... I can't even think of what they could be doing to her.

We make it in to the building and I hear rustling up ahead. I gesture for Adrian to be quiet and pull out my gun.

Goverment standard. Three settings. Stun, wound, kill. I always had mine set on stun.

A guy step out and I pulled my gun up forcing him to freeze in his steps.

"What..... Scarlett" he called the last words but his eyes didn't turn away from me for a second.

A girl comes out a gun in hand but freezes when she sees mine pointing at the guys head.

"Who are you and what do you want?" the girl, Scarlett I presume, asks.

"My name's Miki.... this is Adrian" I say gesturing him behind me. He nods politely.

"Okay.... but tell me.... why do you have a goverment gun?" she says glaring slightly. A boy steps up behind her, a girl with a baby in her arms and a boy clinging to her leg behind him.

"Because I use to work for the goverment" I whisper slowly lowering my gun. "And this place is like a goldmine of crimes"

I shake my head and return my gun to its holster.

"Now, What are your names?" I say smiling.

They all just look at me shocked and I notice that the guy I pulled the gun on hasn't looked away from me once.

I understand everyone elses reasons. I mean I did just reveal, I'm from the goverment and the people here all seem to be run aways.

Seems like I'm one of them now.

The End

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