Scarlett: Who's there?

I fell asleep in Liam's arms.  The fire had gone out long ago so we needed to stay close to keep warm.  Ollie was lying as far away from us as he could.  He must be freezing, he didn't even have a blanket.  Was his disapproval really worth cathing pneumonia for?

I took one of our two blankets and draped it over his body.  He knew I knew he wasn't asleep but he still didn't say anything, not even a thank you.  I went back to Liam and cuddled up against his chest.

'It's OK he'll come round.'

'You've been saying that for the last three years Liam.  I don't think things are going to change.'  I ran my hands through his dark hair and looked into is dark blue eyes.  Words couldn't describe how much I loved him, I would do anthing he asked me to.  I just hoped he knew that.

I was a very light sleeper so I heard the footsteps outside in the early hours of the morning.  I nudged Liam so he would wake up.

'What's wrong?'  His eyes were drowsy and his hair was tangled, he looked so sexy but I had to focus.

'There's someone outside.'  I whispered putting my fingers to my lips.  I reached into my backpack for my gun.  Liam tried to take it out of my hand but I moved away from him.  We both knew what the penalty was for killing a member of the population squad and I didn't want him to take the blame.

I crept over to Ollie and shook his shoulder.  There wasn't much point, he was already awake.  I nodded at the door he nodded back in agreement.  I moved slowly towards the door, remembering my army training.

I think there were two people, maybe three.  I started counting.  Five...four...

I wouldn't shoot if it they weren't going to threaten our existance here.  Three...two...

I took a deep breath.  ONE!

I jumped around the corner and pointed my gun into the face of a young girl cradling a baby in her arms.  A small boy was hiding behind her.

'Sorry...I didn't...'  What could I say?

'That's OK.'  I'm not sure the girl trusted me, I wouldn't if I were her.  'Are you hiding too?'

The End

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