Maddie: My Little Warrior

At eight pm Harry and Daisy started to stir. Daisy was a very good baby for her age. On most nights she would sleep right through.  Luckily in the last town we went through, we could pick up supplies, mainly tinned food for me and Harry and bottles, nappies, and other necessities for Daisy.  
Harry was very grown up for his age too. He understood that Mum was gone, and that Dad was very unlikely to come back. He was my little warrior.

While I fed Daisy, Harry tried to fold up the blankets, he liked to know that he was useful. And he was. He folded them up and squashed them into one of the three rucksacks. There was one for food, one for daisy and one for clothes. Somehow I managed to hold them all and Daisy, but sometimes Harry likes to help so I let him hold the clothes, but it was still pretty heavy, even though we had hardly anything. Luckily we also had a little pull along truck, that Harry got for his birthday. That came in useful often to hold the beds.

"You all ready to put the tent down Harry?" I asked softly. He nodded at me and crawled out of the entrance with one of the bags into the night. I put Daisy gently in the sling over my chest and passed the other bags to Harry.  I crawled out slowly, trying not to sway Daisy too much, with the make shift bed and cot. I put them in the pull along truck and stood up straight. Harry was trying to get the poles out.

"Do you know how to do that Harry?" I asked surprised.

"Yep, I've seen you do it." he replied still trying to get the pole out.

"Do you want some help there?"

"Nope." He muttered with his tongue out on the side of his mouth. He always did that when he was thinking hard, or trying to do something he was struggling with.

I helped him any way and soon enough we were walking through the fields. I knew exactly where we were going. There is an abandoned field a couple of miles away. We would probably reach it at 2am with all the stops and feeding times. I was determined that we would manage. At least the warehouse would be a bit more sheltered too. I just hoped we wouldn't be found.

The End

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