Scarlett: Hiding

I crouched in the darness of the abandoned warehouse, hugging my knees to my chest.  It was getting colder and we weren't ready for it.  Liam came and wrapped his arms around me.

'We'll be OK.'  He smiled at me and gave me a kiss.

'You know I don't like it when you touch my sister like that.'  Oliver walked over with wood for a fire.  He was looking daggers at Liam.

'Please don't start that again Ollie.'  He didn't understand that I loved Liam, he was just jealous that I had someone and he was alone.

'I'm your big brother, I'm meant to worry about you.'  I think secretly he wanted to get on with Liam but something was stopping him.  Ollie began building the fire and used one of our precious matches to light it.  'Your turn to cook Scarlett.'

'I always cook.'  I rolled my eyes.

'That's because if we did, you would die from food poisoning.'  I rolled my eyes.  It was just an excuse to not work.  I looked at our store of food.  What was it going to be tonight?  Beans or beans?

I began cooking the beans in our only saucepan.  I didn't feel like eating but I had to keep my strength up.  For the baby.  That's why we had to hide.  If the authorities found out I was pregnant they would take my baby away and kill it.  I wasn't going to let that happen.

Two months down, seven to go.

The End

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