Maddie: Strangley Cold

It was about two pm when I woke up to Daisy's cries. I picked her up out of her little cot made out of sticks and stuff me and Harry found around the fields. Harry was awake too, rubbing his eyes, he still looked exhausted. He had way to much to deal with for a four year old.

I hugged Daisy tight, she was probably really hungry. Me and Harry organised rations of powered milk for her until we travelled far enough to steal some more. Thank god for modern technology.

We only travelled at night. it's easier to hide that way. The only trouble with that is that we slept in the day light. Luckily we found a good hiding space for our small tent.

I tied up my long wavy brown hair with an elastic band and hugged Harry and Daisy.

"Were gunna be okay you know." I said stroking there hair.

"I know Maddie" I kissed there foreheads and settled Daisy back down as quickly as I could. The last thing we needed was noise.

"You should try getting back to sleep Harry." I smiled at him.

"But I want to stay awake with you," he moaned trying to keep his eyes open.

"I know, but I need my little warrior strong for tonight don't I?" He smiled and nodded, crawling back into his little bunk he made.

"Night." He yawned.

"Night, night Harry. Love you."

"Love you too Maddie." soon enough he was asleep. It was strangely cold tonight for mid July. I put one of my two jumpers on and put my blankets around Daisy and Harry. I could cope with the cold. 

The End

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