Maddie: Us Against the World

We ran down the dirty, darkened streets, clinging on to eachother with all our might.  Mother died just day's before, giving birth to beautiful little Daisy. She told us to stick together. Look after eachother. To never let any one in, or anyone out, of our little group.

"Harry, please try to keep up!" I whipered back to him. No answer. He was so exausted, but we had to keep moving. Harry was only four. But strong, with his little brown bouncing curls ontop if his small handsom head.I turned with Daisyin a sling across my chesy.

"Maddie, I can't run anymore!" He sobbed.

"Harry, it's okay! Don't cry, we'll go a little slower. Okay?" He nodded with his curls bouncing everywhere.

We ran for about another five minutes. Untill we reached the fiedl and our make shift home.

Home. Home was with father and mother. Me and Harry sitting round our small fireplace in the living room and Mum and Dad snuggling on the sofa watching the telivision. All that was gone now. Dad and Mum were gone. Just us left now. Me, Harry and Daisy againt the world and that was the way it was going to stay.


The End

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