The Tyrants they call Mediums

Basically, the sceptic's guide to the paranormal.

Goodness, I am going to get into trouble for this. I will most probably receive complaints. I may even get shot. Do enjoy:

I am sorry to say this but mediums are fakes. OH! SHOCK! HORROR! They pick on vulnerable people for their own advantage; does that sound prim and proper to you? Hmm? Nope. For my show "The Haunting of the Civic", one part of it is using cold-reading. Thing is about us is that we admit that it is all a technique; nothing else. This is the Confession of Cold-Reading:

This is my least favourite technique in the world and makes me feel hugely uncomfortable when performing it. As we all know, so-called “mediums” pick on vulnerable people and this is their main technique to “contact the dead”. Lots of inverted commas going on here!

So how do you do it?


What you need to look out for is responses from body language, age, clothing, fashion, gender, level of education and manner of speech. I know it seems incredibly hard but when you start reading people, it becomes natural for you. Also use the NLP method with the eyes I taught you when appropriate.The Starter Upper Sentence
Use this:“I often see images that are a bit unclear and they can mean more to you than me; if you help, we can together uncover new things about you.”

What statements to make?



“I can see a heart problem with a father figure: a father, uncle or a grandfather.”“An older relative whom you admired but had disagreements with; they still love you.”

The Forer Effect

“I sense you can be insecure, especially with new people you meet.”“You had an accident when you were a child; possibly with either water or heights.”“You’re having problems with a friend or relative at the moment but in time, it will resolve itself.”

The Rainbow Ruse

“Most of the time you are a very positive person but you’ve been upset recently; it angers you because you work so hard.”“You are mostly shy or quiet although you deny it but when the mood strikes you, you can easily be the centre of attention.”

All I can say now is good luck and waffle if it’s not working. You’ll be reight! So that's the tyranny of the mediums and simply how they do it. Don't be ignorant and believe in them; they have no actual talent or gifts. If I can do it successfully then anyone can therefore they must be fraudulent.

(NOTE: This was part of the essay I gave to my actors for my scepticism show "The Haunting of the Civic")

The End

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