Aqualuna's Free Will

Aqualuna stretched, and the vapour moon surrounding her rippled in eddies of mist. She observed the actions of her siblings, and furrowed her brow with concern.. They had such great plans for the universe and its inhabitants. Some of those plans involved her humans, so she had to think about whether she wanted others to decide the fate of her beloved people.

She wished her humans to have the free will to choose their own path, their own destiny, and work toward that end themselves. She did not want any  God or  Goddess, (including herself) to plot out each human's fate, so that no matter what they did, they could not change their destiny.

Aqualuna did not care a whit if other creatures were given destinies, as long as that didn't involve harming humans. She was very protective of them. After all, it had taken two tries to perfect them.

ACT:  Aqualuna attempts to give her humans the free will to choose their own destinies.

The End

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