Malachi - A new playing field

With his Wakening, Malachi found great delight in the old world's new permutation. There was a great sense of achievement in him. He and his bretheren had made this themselves. This beautiful reality. It was chaotic. It was filled with uncertainties. It was a joy to behold. It was fun.

Looking at the existence around him ,Malachi thought he understood something of his own creator. The life of a god... It was all about fun. All about observing and learning and finding satisfaction in one's actions. Learning about oneself through action and consequence. A god, in theory, has infinite power for change. However, there were things a god could choose not to do, things judged more important than others. A god, it seemed, was something interesting to observe, especially if it were oneself.

'Enough introspection,' he thought to himself. - 'There is a world in which to revel! Act! Define oneself through action! See what Malachi will become next as he changes the world and therefore himself!'

Malachi decided he was beginning to sound a little hysterical. He needed to get out more. Distracting himself with the growth of the plants, the trials undergone by the many races, the very feel of little bits of existence interacting, he set about looking for something to play around with.

The mortals - now they were really something. Death had made them so much more than the immortals - a drive to survive, adapt, live. Mortality had been a great idea, he thought. Not to everyone's taste, of course, but the relations between mortals and immortals were made much more interesting by virtue of their differences.

Yes, it was all in difference, in change. Only with variables and uncertainty could you find joy in creation. That's what The Traveller was about. Omniscience must be so dull. Limiting omniscience by creating gods with their different unknown agendas, their interacting Acts... Something like that. It's all in the uncertainties. Without ignorance there cannot be learning or discovery.


However... this Destiny... Something sounded suspicious about it. Defining a creatures actions? Well, more specifically, the end result of their actions... It limited uncertainty of course. It might be amusing to see how individual destinies warped around one another, inevitably reaching their end results by variable paths without negating others' destinies. And what about after fulfillment? A new Destiny? Or would Destinies be ongoing...

Yes, perhaps enjoyable viewing for a time. But it did encroach on the chaos Malachi thrived upon. Well, entropy. Dynamicism. Uncertainty. Whatever.

Well, we shall see how that goes. Give it a chance anyway. In the meantime, what to do...

A little more chaos in the world. Yeah. Sounds like fun.

Act:   Malachi attempts to cause matter uninhabited by life/vital forces to change almost imperceptibly slowly into other similar forms of matter.

Perhaps an insignificant change, but given time... Well. Why not? Better than abstaining just to see how destiny plays out. A god must act to define itself, must it not?

The End

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