Mylann Awakes

Mylann watched with interest as her sibling Ixilixi created "Destiny." It amazed her and brought on an idea of her own. If such a law could be introduced, then could it not have an enforcer? Someone who spun the threads of fate into a beautiful tapestry that held the future and life of all races.

Ixilixi planned to keep Destiny to hisself and give only to his favoured creatures - the spiders. On the other hand, Mylann believed in equality and that all the creatures should have a Destiny - including animals. She was aware of the catastrophic effect of giving an animal the same kind of Destiny as a human, so she would, to some extent, have to tone it down a bit. Perhaps an animal's Destiny could be to feed the people in a famine or to win animal tornaments?

Summing all this up, Mylann considered letting some people choose their own Destiny. At the end she decided it would best to create a galliant enforcer who would choose those worthy of choosing their own Destiny. This would include a test that only the most pure-hearted, compassion and bravest races could pass.

Breaking off a tiny piece of her soul, she attempted to create a being more beautiful, pure and intelligant than the previous races.

Act One: Create enforcer named Verity.

Act Two: Give her the powers to mould and give all races their Destinies.

The End

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